Quick Before It Melts

June 10, 2008 / Press /

June 10 2008 

Even though it’s new release day, I decided that I would take the opportunity to introduce you to a talent that’s not releasing anything today. I admit that I’ve overlooked him for a while now, but there’s no time like the present to introduce you to Joe Lapinski.

Joe is a native of Ontario’s Niagara Penninsula, and one of the founders of St. Catharines, Ontario-based label Yummy Recordings. He’s been active in the local music scene here for years now, having been a member of indie-rock trio Palooka, and acted as producer for a diverse many artists.

One of Joe’s partners in music is Dave Clark, he of the Rheostatics; the two have collaborated on many projects, including The Dave Clark Woodshed Orchestra. Clark served as co-producer and drummer on Joe’s last solo album, 2007’s Sundries.

Lapinski has a lot in common with Rheostatics, in that the music defies easy genre classification, because each song seems to grow organically, and isn’t being forced into categorization. What I used to love about Rheostatics albums is that you could be listening to a whole new band with each track, and Lapinski certainly allows for the same kind of diversity. “Honey Why?” is country-rock flavoured, where “She How She Runs” uses an almost polka -like rhythm section create a new indie-rock hybrid. “I’ve Got A Cold” goes in another direction altogether, with a stock keyboard sample giving a great instrumental track a little flare.

The world needs more Joe Lapinski, and here’s looking forward to what he and Yummy Records have up their sleeves next. Check out other artists on the roster, including the brilliant Bronx Cheerleader, whom you’ll be seeing in the QBiM Spotlight real soon.