St. Catharines Album Release Party – THANKS!

December 21, 2013 / News /

WOW.  We did it!  The Beauty Beyond  is out there, and the buzz has been very very positive.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me through it all (I’ll list y’all down below), and came out to the release shows here in St. Catharines (2pm, Niagara Artists Centre; 10pm The Merchant Ale House).

The album releases had their challenges, but we conquered them all, and then some!  Here are a few things that we were up against us on the day of my St. Catharines album release parties for The Beauty Beyond.  Let’s list them off:

  • MASSIVE snow storm.  Yup, MASSIVE.  A lot of people were not able to come by to either of the shows, but the rooms were still full!  Thanks to all who made the trek.
  • MASSIVE snow storm, continued….. Half of my band is from Toronto.  They made it to the matinee show at The Niagara Artists Centre just in the nick of time.  We stretched out the top of the show with a spontaneous opening set by Whitney Pea (my singers, Whitney Peterson & Laurel Minnes), and I sat in on pedal steel.  That was a special moment!  And to make it more special, the boys from the big smoke finally arrive, in one piece.
  • Vinyl delivery postponed.  It was down to the wire.  My vinyl was supposed to be in my hands the Friday before the release shows.  That was cutting it close as it was!  But I received a call saying that the white vinyl needed more time to cool before it was shipped (out of LA), so it’s arrival changed to the morning of my release shows.  Did I mention the snow storm already?  My gal Alexa went to Burlington to pick the vinyl up, and drive back to St. Catharines.  Normally a 40min drive.  On this day, an hour and a half both ways.  But she did it!  Amazing.  Thanks Alexa.

We conquered ALL of these challenges, and here’s a big THANK-YOU to:

  • Alexa Fraser – for all the help with picking the vinyl up, and working the door at the Merchant Ale House show.
  • Dave, Paul, Jason – for making it to the shows alive, and for your great playing and dedication
  • Laurel, Whitney – for all the help at the shows, and for you beautiful singing
  • Brittany Brooks – for not only providing an opening set at the Merchant show, but for creating some amazing animations for that show!  This is the beginning of a great thing folks.  Keep your eyes pealed for more sets like this.  She’s a talented gal!
  • Steve, Natasha – at NAC, for helping to set the NAC show up, and helping with the silk screening of the vinyl slip jackets
  • Prints Buster, aka Scott Warren – for a great job with the silk screening of the slip jackets
  • Nicole Viel – for working the door at the NAC show, and being a big support
  • Lauren Garbutt – for taking some beautiful photos at both show (see below)
  • EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE SHOWS – amazing.  Thanks for the support.

Here are some photos from both shows, by Lauren Garbutt Photography:

  • joelapinski-2-2-web
  • joelapinski-11-2-web
  • joelapinski-9-2-web
  • joelapinski-13-2-bw-web
  • joelapinski-16-bw-web
  • joelapinski-18-2-web
  • joelapinski-33-2-web
  • joelapinski-39-2-web
  • joelapinski-46-2-web
  • joelapinski-41-2-web
  • joelapinski-51-3-web
  • joelapinski-45-2-web
  • joelapinski-55-2-web
  • joelapinski-58-2-web
  • joelapinski-53-2-web
  • joelapinski-60-2-web
  • joelapinski-65-2-web
  • joelapinski-63-2-web
  • joelapinski-66-2-web
  • joelapinski-73-2-web
  • joelapinski-105-2-web
  • joelapinski-94-2-web
  • joelapinski-93-2-web
  • joelapinski-68-2-bw-web