Rock / Mountain Song & Video Released

November 20, 2013 / News /

Well, it’s been a while in the making, but I’m proud to release not only the first “single” from my new album The Beauty Beyond, but also a video to go along with it!

The song generally takes a 1st person account of watching someone you respect and love go through a tough time, or not reach their fullest potential.  It’s hard to watch sometimes.  I composed the music for it a few years ago here in St. Catharines, and wrote the lyrics in Stratford Ontario while staying at a little artist gallery get-away (I wrote lyrics for a few other songs on this album there).  Dave Clark (drums, co-producer) and I then shaped it into what you hear, with the help of Jason Kenemy (piano), Dr. Pee (electric piano), Laurel Minnes (voice) and Whitney Peterson (voice).

The video was filmed in Short Hills Provincial Park, just outside of St. Catharines.  I think technically it’s in Thorold (GO THOROLD!).  It’s a beautiful nature reserve, full of deer and all kinds of birds (both year-round and migrating).  Lot’s of open space.  Laurel Minnes and Whitney Peterson are featured in it, and also helped with some filming and direction.  The idea with the video was to start off on the darker side of things (grey clouds, dark textures), and then move towards a blue sky and happier tones.  Optimistic.  I wanted it to resemble something abstract, representing our many layers of identity.