The Joe Lapinski Band + Brittany Brooks

April 24, 2014 / News /

The Joe Lapinski Band + Brittany Brooks
Perform “The Beauty Beyond: Luminous Lines”
ONLY at The In the Soil Arts Festival

“The Beauty Beyond: Luminous Lines” is a collaborative live performance involving local visual artist Brittany Brooks and The Joe Lapinski Band. The band will be performing Joe’s latest album “The Beauty Beyond”, while Brittany interprets the music and sound using projected light. Her “light performance” will be completely analogue and tactile, no computers or digital tools here folks. The audience will be truly witnessing a natural dance between sound and light. Don’t blink.

This performance is a curated event at the 2014 In the Soil Arts Festival.

The Joe Lapinski Band + Brittany Brooks
The Beauty Beyond: Luminous Lines
Saturday April 26 2014
Oddfellows Temple
36 James Street, St. Catharines ON

Show: 8-9pm
Tickets: $10 or Festival Pass


In the Soil Arts Festival

April 7, 2014 / News /

There’s a time of year, every year, that always seems to add a bit more flare to my life.  A time of year that has me hustling a tad more than usually, helping to put together a (not so) little arts festival in Downtown St. Catharines.  A time of year that also bring a whole lot of artists together in one place to show off what they do.  Celebration, expression, conversation, and lots of high-fives.

I’m talkin’ ’bout the In the Soil Arts Festival!

The Joe Lapinski Band will be performing it this year (details here), and I’ll also be joining The Woodshed Orchestra, Bronx Cheerleader, and Whitney Pea on guitar and/or pedal steel.

Check out the schedule here.

Some musical highlights are Billy Martin of jazz/funk greats Medeski Martin & Wood.  He’ll be doing a drum workshop AND performance!  We’ve also go Young Rival from Hamilton, and Culture Reject from Toronto.  SO MUCH MORE too!

I hope to see you all there!

“The Beauty Beyond” reaches #29 across Canada

January 23, 2014 / News /

I’m happy to say that my latest release The Beauty Beyond has reached #29 across Canada on the College/Community Radio circuit!

>> !earshot online

Other albums/songs that reached #29 are:

  • “Temptation Eyes” by The Grass Roots
  • “Everybody Plays The Fool” by The Main Ingredient
  • “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver
  • “Rock Me Gently by the amazing Andy Kim
  • AND “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna

Looks like I’m in good company!

Toronto Album Release Show Announced

January 22, 2014 / News /

It happened in a flash!  The Joe Lapinski Band will be performing at The Sister to celebrate the release of The Beauty Beyond!  Spread the word folks, it’s going to be a special show.

>> FRIDAY JAN 31, 10pm, PWYC

…. OH, and we’ve got Silent Five opening up for us!  That’s Paul Kolinski’s group, who play bass with the JLB.


>>> on my website
>>>> Facebook event page

Grayowl Point reviews “The Beauty Beyond”

January 15, 2014 / News, Press /

>> Here’s the review

The first email I read this morning told me that The Beauty Beyond was reviewed by Grayowl Point, Canadian Music Blog.  The second thing I read was the review.  Thanks to Michael for doing it up, and saying some very kind thoughtful things about my latest release.  He even gave me a “Strong Hoot” rating!  Awesome.

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Silversmith Brewing Company show just announced!

January 11, 2014 / News /

Ever since a couple woodworking friends of mine told me about the work they were doing helping to convert an old church to a brewery, I wanted to play there.  That was more than a year ago, and now Silversmith Brewing Company is up and running AND I’ve booked a show there!

Here’s a great description of the venue from the Silversmith website:

We are a brand new, one-of-a-kind, small scale brewery located in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The location? A former church built around 1894, covered in vines (yes, vines). The exterior has been left intact while the interior has been recently renovated with a rustic feel of exposed wooden beams and brick walls. Definitely something you have to see for yourself.

My full band will be playing there, and it’s bound to be a special one.  7pm doors, 8pm show.  $10 will get you in.  Done.

Tickets will be available through Silversmith and me.  I’ll be posting more info about it all soon!


On my website
Facebook event page

Quick Before It Melts reviews ‘The Beauty Beyond’

January 8, 2014 / News, Press /

>> Here’s the Article

The FIRST review of The Beauty Beyond  is in!  Quick Before It Melts (a Canadian music blog based out of Niagara Falls) was kind enough to make the album it’s first “Disc of the Week” for 2014!  It’s a great read, and it’s got me pretty excited for the year ahead!


And follow Quick Before It Melts here:

St. Catharines Album Release Party – THANKS!

December 21, 2013 / News /

WOW.  We did it!  The Beauty Beyond  is out there, and the buzz has been very very positive.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me through it all (I’ll list y’all down below), and came out to the release shows here in St. Catharines (2pm, Niagara Artists Centre; 10pm The Merchant Ale House).

The album releases had their challenges, but we conquered them all, and then some!  Here are a few things that we were up against us on the day of my St. Catharines album release parties for The Beauty Beyond.  Let’s list them off:

  • MASSIVE snow storm.  Yup, MASSIVE.  A lot of people were not able to come by to either of the shows, but the rooms were still full!  Thanks to all who made the trek.
  • MASSIVE snow storm, continued….. Half of my band is from Toronto.  They made it to the matinee show at The Niagara Artists Centre just in the nick of time.  We stretched out the top of the show with a spontaneous opening set by Whitney Pea (my singers, Whitney Peterson & Laurel Minnes), and I sat in on pedal steel.  That was a special moment!  And to make it more special, the boys from the big smoke finally arrive, in one piece.
  • Vinyl delivery postponed.  It was down to the wire.  My vinyl was supposed to be in my hands the Friday before the release shows.  That was cutting it close as it was!  But I received a call saying that the white vinyl needed more time to cool before it was shipped (out of LA), so it’s arrival changed to the morning of my release shows.  Did I mention the snow storm already?  My gal Alexa went to Burlington to pick the vinyl up, and drive back to St. Catharines.  Normally a 40min drive.  On this day, an hour and a half both ways.  But she did it!  Amazing.  Thanks Alexa.

We conquered ALL of these challenges, and here’s a big THANK-YOU to:

  • Alexa Fraser – for all the help with picking the vinyl up, and working the door at the Merchant Ale House show.
  • Dave, Paul, Jason – for making it to the shows alive, and for your great playing and dedication
  • Laurel, Whitney – for all the help at the shows, and for you beautiful singing
  • Brittany Brooks – for not only providing an opening set at the Merchant show, but for creating some amazing animations for that show!  This is the beginning of a great thing folks.  Keep your eyes pealed for more sets like this.  She’s a talented gal!
  • Steve, Natasha – at NAC, for helping to set the NAC show up, and helping with the silk screening of the vinyl slip jackets
  • Prints Buster, aka Scott Warren – for a great job with the silk screening of the slip jackets
  • Nicole Viel – for working the door at the NAC show, and being a big support
  • Lauren Garbutt – for taking some beautiful photos at both show (see below)
  • EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE SHOWS – amazing.  Thanks for the support.

Here are some photos from both shows, by Lauren Garbutt Photography:

  • joelapinski-2-2-web
  • joelapinski-11-2-web
  • joelapinski-9-2-web
  • joelapinski-13-2-bw-web
  • joelapinski-16-bw-web
  • joelapinski-18-2-web
  • joelapinski-33-2-web
  • joelapinski-39-2-web
  • joelapinski-46-2-web
  • joelapinski-41-2-web
  • joelapinski-51-3-web
  • joelapinski-45-2-web
  • joelapinski-55-2-web
  • joelapinski-58-2-web
  • joelapinski-53-2-web
  • joelapinski-60-2-web
  • joelapinski-65-2-web
  • joelapinski-63-2-web
  • joelapinski-66-2-web
  • joelapinski-73-2-web
  • joelapinski-105-2-web
  • joelapinski-94-2-web
  • joelapinski-93-2-web
  • joelapinski-68-2-bw-web


PRE-ORDER The Beauty Beyond

November 20, 2013 / News /

I’m excited about releasing my latest album The Beauty Beyond on VINYL!  That’s right!  Good ol’ fashioned wax.  It sounds very warm and cozy.  You’ll want to pour yourself a glass of fine Canadian Whiskey, call your cat over to sit on your lap, turn the lights down low, get your tobacco pipe out and ready, and have a good listen!

It’s not just the music that will warm you up, but the original art by Stephen Remus.  Each cover will be silk screened by hand, and numbered.  We’ll be including download cards and liner notes as well.  This is going to be a work of art.  All for just $20!

BUT LISTEN, I’m only pressing 100 of them.  Yes, only 100 will be available for sale.  So, you’ll need to PRE-ORDER the vinyl if you want one.  The CD is also available for pre-order at a discounted price of $10.  After the Dec 14th, the price will go up to $15.


Get your hands on it soon!  I’m anticipating them all to disappear pretty quickly.  Depending on the option you choose, your order will be available for pick-up at either of my album release shows on Saturday December 14 2013 (NAC or The Merchant Ale House), or mailed out to you on Monday December 16 2013.

Oh, and feel free to take a gander at my other albums available in the SHOP.  Downloadable versions have just been added!  Thanks.

Rock / Mountain Song & Video Released

November 20, 2013 / News /

Well, it’s been a while in the making, but I’m proud to release not only the first “single” from my new album The Beauty Beyond, but also a video to go along with it!

The song generally takes a 1st person account of watching someone you respect and love go through a tough time, or not reach their fullest potential.  It’s hard to watch sometimes.  I composed the music for it a few years ago here in St. Catharines, and wrote the lyrics in Stratford Ontario while staying at a little artist gallery get-away (I wrote lyrics for a few other songs on this album there).  Dave Clark (drums, co-producer) and I then shaped it into what you hear, with the help of Jason Kenemy (piano), Dr. Pee (electric piano), Laurel Minnes (voice) and Whitney Peterson (voice).

The video was filmed in Short Hills Provincial Park, just outside of St. Catharines.  I think technically it’s in Thorold (GO THOROLD!).  It’s a beautiful nature reserve, full of deer and all kinds of birds (both year-round and migrating).  Lot’s of open space.  Laurel Minnes and Whitney Peterson are featured in it, and also helped with some filming and direction.  The idea with the video was to start off on the darker side of things (grey clouds, dark textures), and then move towards a blue sky and happier tones.  Optimistic.  I wanted it to resemble something abstract, representing our many layers of identity.


© Joe Lapinski