The Beauty Beyond

Joe Lapinski

  • Release 2013

“The Beauty Beyond is the title track from [Joe Lapinski’s] long-awaited new album. I love that tune’s multiple personalities — one minute it’s driving guitars, the next Joe’s sweet falsetto is front-and-centre…” ~ Amanda Putz, CBC’s Bandwidth on Radio One

“From its opening plinky-plonking piano notes, ‘The Beauty Beyond’ sets the tone for Joe Lapinski‘s The Beauty Beyond: a bold, confident, wide-eyed treasury of songs inspired by some classic folk rock recordings.  Lapinski tips his cap to the likes of Neil Young and Wilco, but pulls a wholly original hat trick out of his pocket on the opening triptych of “the Beauty Beyond”, “Rock / Mountain” (the album’s first official single), and “If You Want To”, a sit-up-and-take-notice moment if there ever were to be one on this record.” ~ Quick Before It Melts

“On ‘The Beauty Beyond’ Joe Lapinski has crafted majestic, adventurous and deeply personal music that connects with the heart and scintillates throughout the soul. Joe sings with a vulnerability that has brought praise from the likes of Dan Lanois amongst many others. Check out his music and find out why.”  ~ Dave Clark, co-producer (Gord Downie, The Woodshed Orchestra, The Dinner Is Ruined, Rheostatics)

Officially released on December 14 2013.

All music written by Joe Lapinski
Produced by Joe Lapinski and Dave Clark


Joe Lapinski – singing, guitars, pedal steel, electric bass, synth, orchestra bells, accordion, and a pinch of piano.
Dave Clark – drums, percussion.
Laurel Minnes – singing.
Whitney Peterson – singing.
Jason Kenemy – piano on tracks 2, 6, 7, 10.
Michael Herring – upright bass on tracks 3, 7, 10 …. electric Afro-style bass on track 4.
Dr. Pee – piano and organ on track 1, Wurlitzer on track 2.
Edwin Conroy Jr. – singing on track 9.
Alexa Fraser – claps of celebration on track 6!

Recorded by Joe Lapinski at Midtown Studios, St. Catharines Ontario Canada, between August 2011 and October 2013.
Additional recording by Michael Herring at Trail Mix Studio, Toronto Ontario Canada.
Mixed by Joe Lapinski, with Dave Clark.
Mastered by Fedge.
Album art and design by Stephen Remus, Natasha Pedros.


Rock / Mountain – by Joe Lapinski from Joe Lapinski on Vimeo.