The Joe Lapinski Band, filmed by Adam CK Vollick

February 22, 2014 / Just Sayin' /

I couldn’t be happier.  Meeting a true artist and great guy like Adam CK Vollick doesn’t happen every day.  Since our first meeting (talking shop about community, cellulosic ethanol, and rock n roll), we knew we wanted to create something together.  And on top of all that, I was already a fan of his work with Daniel Lanois (Here Is What Is) and Neil Young (Le Noise).

The idea for this video was to be spontaneous and in the moment.  We kept it minimal, and chose to learn the “space” as the performance went on.  These 3 songs represent some of the magic that happened that night, captured beautifully by Adam.  There is an energy in this band (who was only just formed 4 months ago) that seems to be born from the exploration of something new.  Adam caught some of it that night.

I recorded the audio to the whole show, so expect some more snippets of the night to be released down the road.

Thanks to Cody Linthicum for setting the show up, and all the staff at Silversmith Brewing Company who helped out that night.  Thanks to Alexa Fraser for the support as well!

Check out Adam’s art and various projects here: